Diving in Palau 2014

Finally went to Palau…

Green Bay pilot crashes onto TV news

A pilot at Green Bay crash landed on the main road on the coast while apparently trying to land on the beach, and made it onto TV news.

The pilot can be seen attempting a landing either on or next to the road when a car approaches, sounding his horn. The pilot then over-controls the glider into a spin, though luckily he’s only a few meters above the ground at that time. Had he been a few meters higher the outcome would likely have been very different. The video footage is from the car’s dash cam.
When interviewed the pilot claims he crashed because the horn scared him, though it’s not clear how he could have gone anywhere else from that altitude, the LZ being close to 100m away and on the other side of busy four-lane highway, some walls and a power line. He then goes on to claim to be an advanced pilot.

Lunar New Year 2014

Philippines again, this time Dauin and Apo Island.

Saipan December 2013

Another trip to see our friends in Saipan, this time just me and Marylyn. This is the first time we’ve been out to Saipan and Tinian in ‘winter’, and the northern sites in particular are very different at this time of year.

Australia tour, September 2013

Took Marylyn to meet some of my family for the first time, see some of the varied landscapes on offer and catch up with Mr. Carl, my old flying buddy and co-founder of this very blogsite web-thingy. It was the first time I’d been to Australia without a paraglider bag as 99% of my luggage or been anywhere beyond Sydney or the way to and from Manilla. No animals and only one 4WD vehicle were harmed in the making of this gallery.


After 8 years acting as Advance’s distributor in Taiwan I’ve decided to take a step back and pass this honor on to someone with more time and energy to invest. I simply don’t fly enough these dats and I don’t believe a professional dealer should be a part-time or occasional or ex-pilot. The new distributor will be my old friend Chris Yeh. Chris is known to many as an international competitor and as the organizer of Taiwan’s pre-PWC round. I wish Chris the best of luck and I’m sure his energy and commitment to the sport will result in ever more success for both himself and Advance. To the hundreds of customers I’ve supported until now I say thank you, it was an honor to work for you. Chris can be found at www.flytaiwanpara.com and will help you with any service or sales inquiries going forward.

Moalboal May 2013

Another trip to Moalboal, this time with Marylyn in tow, and staying in a better resort…

Moalboal diving lunar new year, February 2013

8 days in Moalboal over lunar new year, in February 2013. Had to go solo on this one as Marylyn was stuck working.