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After 8 years acting as Advance’s distributor in Taiwan I’ve decided to take a step back and pass this honor on to someone with more time and energy to invest. I simply don’t fly enough these dats and I don’t believe a professional dealer should be a part-time or occasional or ex-pilot. The new distributor […]

Sigma6 for sale

My beloved Sigma6/28 is for sale. This awesome XC glider which already knows the way to many places. The first flight took me to Liukuei and since then there have been many great memories like flying over Swiss lakes, Spanish valleys and a 140km personal best flight in Australia. The glider still looks and flies […]

Sigma8, coming in February

That’s right, the new Sigma8 will be launched in February. Bruce Goldsmith joined the Advance design team led by Thomas Ripplinger to create the latest in a long line of successful intermediate gliders. While the outgoing Sigma7 was very much focused on efficiency for effortless cross-country performance, the new wing will be more of an […]

Used gear for sale

Lukas from the Czech Republic is leaving Taiwan and would like to sell the following gear: I have the harness CARPOFLY MYSTIC2 in good shape and rescue skyspare system, newone never used. glider: Gradient GOLDEN2/ORBIT2 category: DHV 1-2 parameters: http://www.gradient.cx/en-old_gliders-golden2-13 1 year old, flying time about 30hours, no tear, no rip, like new, viz foto. […]

Omega8, coming in June

After an intensive and demanding development process the flight tests for two of the four sizes of Omega8 were completed this week. Thomas Ripplinger’s development and test team are now fully concentrated on finishing the others. Production will start in the next few days with first deliveries to follow in mid-June 2010. The new Omega […]

Rumors confirmed; Bruce comes to Advance

Bruce Goldsmith is joining the Advance R&D team after 10 years at Airwave. The 2007 World Paraglider Champion will be reinforcing the Advance team of Chief designer Thomas Ripplinger and Advance test pilots Kari Eisenhut (former European Champion and World Cup Winner), Chrigel Maurer (multiple World Cup and X-Alps winner), World Champion Andy Aebi and […]

New Advance flight suit

Advance has a new flight suit for 2009 and it’s not just the colors which are different this year. The designers have revised and revamped several areas of the suit to create a garment even more comfortable and practical than ever. Advance have adopted the idea of Body Mapping™, a trendy phrase for sports clothing […]

Parapente magazine test Sigma7

Parapente magazine has tested the Sigma7 and has published a test report. Here’s an English translation. SIGMA 7 – Translation of the test report in the french parapente mag Advance was born 20 years ago, with the very first of the Sigma dynasty. Created by Robert Graham, flown in competition by Xavier Remond the famous […]