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Epsilon6 news and promo movie

Complete information on the new Epsilon6 is now available on Advance’s website. So is a new promo movie. Dealers can order now all the sizes of the Epsilon 6. Advance will start the deliveries of the sizes 26 and 28 in February, size 31 at the end of March and size 23 in April.

Sigma7 promo video

Advance has posted a short promotional video featuring the Sigma7 on their website. There’s some interview time with Kari Eisenhut and Thomas Ripplinger, and some nice footage of the glider in flight in Mediera. Check it out.

Sigma 7 certified

The long-awaited Sigma 7 is now certified in sizes 26 and 28 and entering production. Since the Sigma 6 is so widely acclaimed as a perfect XC glider it has taken Thomas Ripplinger and his team some considerable effort to surpass it. Advance say that in the new model they have managed to make improvements […]

Omega7 wins in Mexico

Alberto Martinez Brunn won the Serial Class at the Monarca Open in Mexico on his Omega7.The Monarca Open comp in Valle de Bravo, Mexico was used this year by many top pilots to prepare themselves for the World Championships in Australia. The organisation, friendly atmosphere and beautiful landscape made this competition a great kick-start to […]

Paratech special offers

Paratech are offering heavy discounts on selected models. The revolutionary (DHV1-2) can be had for just NT$50,000. It’s a fun, yet stable glider suitable for a wide range of pilots, from ex-training hill up to experienced novice. The DHV2 P80 is a fun, agile glider with a passive safety level very close to the DHV1-2 […]

More new toys

Some years ago my buddy Eiho lost his Garmin eMap just before we were due to go off to a comp in Manilla. That was his excuse to buy himself a new GPSMAP76S. We both marvelled at the size of the display and all the cool functions it had, like the glide ratio data. A […]

248km on serial Omega7

Advance writes: Chrigel Maurer flies with a serial ADVANCE OMEGA 7 a triangle of 248 km and is really satisfied about our new high performance glider ! Chrigel Maurer is doing testing work on the Omega7. He took off from the Niesen, flew to the Pic Chaussy in the French part of Switzerland and then […]

Advanced apparel

Advance launches the 2006 apparel range with new t-shirts and these very practical speedarms. Unlike the typical things I can never figure out how to put on, these are like a lycra shirt with a zip. I’ve always been too self-conscious to wear the usual skin-tight lycra shirts (not to mention fat) but this looks […]