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Yehma club negligence costs NT$630,000 for injuries

Apple News article Back in summer 2011 a Yehma club instructor surnamed Liu had a mid-air collision at Green Bay with another glider, resulting in a crash and multiple broken bones for his female passenger. Finally Ms. Lin had her day in court where she won NT$630,000 in damages for herself, the court having decided […]

Green Bay pilot crashes onto TV news

A pilot at Green Bay crash landed on the main road on the coast while apparently trying to land on the beach, and made it onto TV news. The pilot can be seen attempting a landing either on or next to the road when a car approaches, sounding his horn. The pilot then over-controls the […]

Aftermath of tandem collision at Green Bay

This news video shows some of the events that followed the crash at Green Bay in August. The passenger involved in that tandem accident is now in a back brace as a result of spinal injuries sustained in the fall and has been unable to work since the accident. Ms. Lin used to work as […]

Pilot death in Ilan

A pilot named Lee died in an accident in Ilan on August 31st. Police have stated he fell from his harness after failing to close his buckles properly. Mr. Lee (53) was president of an electronics factory so his passing probably made more news than usual. According to news reports (not very reliable in Taiwan) […]

Tandems collide in Green Bay

Two tandem gliders collided at Green Bay over the weekend, though luckily no-one was injured. The sky over this site in Feitsuiwan has been very busy this summer with thousands of onlookers willing to take a ride on a tandem paraglider. There is video shot by one of the pilots on this news site, showing […]

Tandem accident causes Luyeh site closure

A commercial tandem flight which ended in a tree has caused the site at Luyeh (Taidung) to be closed. A tour group had booked flights with the site operator and one of the flights ended in a tree landing. Citing safety concerns the Huadong valley’s scenic area authority ordered all free-flyers grounded. The local news […]

The Oz Report – Hang Gliding – WILLS WING DEMO DAY (in Taiwan)

Jaco Herbst has taken delivery of a new tandem glider in preparation for his attempt to wrest control of the skies from the paragliders and repopulate the air with hang gliders. While it’s true that the number of active HG pilots has fallen precipitously in the last 10 years, Jaco has the enthusiasm to bring […]

Tandem accident

I was down in Saichia of course for the long weekend, and as always there was a lot of stuff sitting in my inbox when I got home. Sadly, not all of it was spam… Hi Les, I found your wingstaiwan.com website on the internet today, and I am hoping that you can help me […]