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Taiwan blocked from ICAO summit

China has the (rotating) presidency of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and has used this position to pursue it’s political agenda of isolating Taiwan from the international community. China has been intent on preventing Taiwan participating in world bodies such as the WHO for years now. Aviation safety is one of those areas of […]

Bizarre bridge in Dakeng

The foot of the mountains of Dakeng is a new development area, number 11. It’s currently in that strange limbo phase where there are roads and street furniture, but almost no buildings. The way it works is this; Someone in the city government plans to develop a new area. It doesn’t matter if there is […]


I love a guy who is honest enough to advise you not to buy a product that he sells. Don at www.sounddeadenershowdown.com is such a man. In my last ride, the old red wagon, I had used damping mat on the floor, the doors, the trunk… everywhere I could get to. I damped the insides […]

Taiwan and the FAI

Since I’ve been around the flying scene in Taiwan license cards have been adorned with the logo of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale. Back in 1998 I was cajoled into stumping up a membership fee for the Nantou branch of the Chinese Taipei Aerosports Association, a portion of which (about NT$400) was an affiliation fee to […]

Broken record

As long as I’ve been around the flying scene in Taiwan I’ve heard the same line repeated every two years or so, "Unfortunate pilot loses life in accident". It’s starting to sound like a broken record. On the safety page on this site you’ll find records of some of them, as well as some serious […]

Rules?, what rules?

I think most of you have read the story of my mid-air collision and reserve ride at Puli, so I’m just going to link to that and move on. The rant this month is more of a list of things that piss me off about various attitudes both in this sport and in this country […]

Weather signs

Not really a rant this time out, but a reminder. If you grew up in a house with two adults, chances are that at an early age you developed a respect for their bedroom door. Sometimes it was okay to go through that door, and you were welcome and made a fuss of, and sometimes […]

Missed leg straps

On 27/12/02, pilot Michael Chen (Chen Dz-Yung) died at Saichia after falling from his harness. His death is tragic both in the sense of loss to his family and friends, but also in the sense that this is a well documented scenario and its repetition is therefore pointless. Having once had the experience of failing […]