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Saipan diving July 2012

Almost an annual pilgrimage now to Saipan for scuba diving. This year it was me, Marylyn, Ivo and Matthias.

Ski trip in Hokkaido, March 2012

Diving in Red Sea

November 2011 trip to Eygpt and Red Sea. Diving sites are in and around Soma Bay, between Hurghada and Safaga.

Diving in Saipan

I’ve always wanted to try scuba diving so when Matthias got his licenses out in Saipan we were tempted to follow him. We went for 10 days of training and fun dives. Even Auntie Marylyn did well and is now the first scubadwarfer in our circle of friends.

A day above the Aletsch glacier

Weather wasn’t looking so promising with the high cloud so I decided to go up the Eggishorn by cablecar and on foot to get a look at the Aletsch glacier, since it didn’t seem to be on to view it from the air. Of course it’s breathtaking view and I got cottonmouth for staring mouth […]

Christmas on Hohuanshan

Yes, the season to be jolly, and preferably cold. With the winter failing to arrive (again) we decided to trek up the hills to find some cool air, since the prospects for soaring that high were basically zero. The old resort of Ching Jing Farm has lately become an alpine replica with scores of European-styled […]

Bali 2009

So a trip to Bali is becoming an annual event now. This year we had a few more participants from Switzerland joining the fun, from trip partner Robair paragliding school in the Walensee area, Nick Schudel and Urs Schweingruber. I knew Urs from the Morocco trip in 2007 and Nick is the father of Robair […]

New personal best XC: 140km

Way back in 2000 I visited Manilla with Carl Rust. During that trip I made an XC flight of 100km, a feat I could never reproduce until now. This trip started out a little so-so, with northerly winds putting a damper on long flights and then a few days of storms. Finally we got a […]