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First time to Liukuei (Gabe & Danielle). First time to Liukuei on a tandem* (Gabe & Danielle). First time over the valley on a paraglider (Jaco). First time to Liukuei in work clothes (Rory). First time having sex with shrubbery … Continue reading


There and back again

Well, Jaco laid this challenge down, and I’m sorry to report that Rory and I were too sneaky to wait for him to return from South Africa before having a crack at it. We took off on Feb. 11th at … Continue reading

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Traffic simulator

Anyone who has ridge soared at Green Bay or Puli on a busy Sunday will probably do quite well at this fun test of your agility. See how long you last before they crash with you or make you crash. … Continue reading

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A run-in with raptors

Most of us are pretty familiar with the eagles* that live around Saichia and have flown with/near them many times. During CNY I had a very close encounter with a pair over Koshr mountain that went a little strangely. I … Continue reading

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Courtesy OZ REPORT: Davis straub wrote: Can we really learn anything? The competition is with yourself. No one else really cares about how you do except you. The other guys are there to tell you how well you could do … Continue reading

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New Year at Saichia

Just back from a few days at Saichia. Conditions not as good as last year, but not too shabby either. There was a mini comp down there in which Rory won the first task, so congratulations to him. The first … Continue reading

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