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Well, it’s official. The name gets changed from United States Hang Gliding Association to United States Hang gliding and Paragliding Association. Now maybe we can move on to other more important things. Like how to hit the 10-year membership target. … Continue reading

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When is a Taiwanese not a Taiwanese?

Edited/updated. Our friends Chris and Tarzan went to Manilla to fly in the pre-PWC, only to find themselves stateless. Both had entered as representing Taiwan in the event (as Kerry, Eiho and I had done in 2004) but were refused … Continue reading

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We live in Liukuei…

… or so you would think. On Saturday Jaco made it into Liukuei proper for the first time on his paraglider, after coming up a few km short the last time. He wasn’t really happy about where I got him … Continue reading

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Omega7 wallpaper

Want a hi-res image of the new Omega7 for your desktop? Grab it now while the going is good.

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Puli rules

Thanks to Ali for bringing this to my attention. 埔里虎頭山飛行場使用規範 埔里虎頭山飛行場地飛行員使用須知 海拔650公尺 相對高度200公尺 無線電頻率144.85 1.在本場飛行須具備合格有效飛行證照。 2.本飛行場屬中高級起飛場,持初級證照者,請同行的教練及資深飛行員應盡指導與照顧的義務,並告知本地教練或資深飛行員。 3.新進飛行員應接受資深飛行人員之技術指導。 4.無本國合格教練證照之飛行員不得在本場從事教學及放飛學員。 5.本飛行場星期例假日,嚴禁在起飛區降落。 6.飛行員未戴頭盔、未戴無線電、未攜帶副傘者,一律嚴禁飛行。 7.起傘前務必徹底檢查腿帶、腰帶、交叉帶等…已確實繫緊。 8.在本起飛場使用雙人傘載人飛行,須持有教練或高級以上執照。 9.所有飛行員之安全一律自行負責。 南投縣體育會飛行運動委員會 敬告 Translation: Rules of use for Puli flying site on Tiger Head Mountain. Height 650m amsl, … Continue reading

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Saichia site fees

(Updated) Assassin has decided to start collecting entrance fees to the launch from March 1st. The fee structure is NT$50 per day for those who pay taxes in Taiwan, meaning local pilots and resident foreigners. Foreign visitors are being asked … Continue reading

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Weekend roundup

Saturday looked promising early with open blue skies and just the hint of a cu over the big ranges that separate Pintung from Taidung. By the time we got ready to fly however some Alto Cumulus and mackerel sky had … Continue reading

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