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Vacation time

Yup, it’s that time of year again. I leave for Switzerland today to fly with Matthias, Reggie, Juichi (buddy from Japan) and those friendly lunatics in the Walensee area. Well, that’s the plan anyway. Last year the weather had other … Continue reading

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Updated WordPress

I finally got around to updating to WordPress v2.03 so if something stops working or does something it’s not supposed to, please leave a message. Thanks.

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Finally, a flyable day

After weeks of rain the sun finally reassured us of it’s existance and blessed us with a flying day of epic proportions. While there was about a five hour window, only the middle three were consistent enough for sustained flight. … Continue reading

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248km on serial Omega7

Advance writes: Chrigel Maurer flies with a serial ADVANCE OMEGA 7 a triangle of 248 km and is really satisfied about our new high performance glider ! Chrigel Maurer is doing testing work on the Omega7. He took off from … Continue reading

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Weather page

OK, so being a PoW (Prisoner of Weather) I finally got the time and inspiration to fix all the broken links on the weather page. Sorry it took so long, but it’s just been too depressing to even think about … Continue reading

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Advanced apparel

Advance launches the 2006 apparel range with new t-shirts and these very practical speedarms. Unlike the typical things I can never figure out how to put on, these are like a lycra shirt with a zip. I’ve always been too … Continue reading

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Club R departs

Yes, both Reggie and Rory are leaving us for the New World. Rory (Ridgeman) Gilpin has done enough hard years in asia and finally earned the priviledge of working in the first world. After 14 years out here he landed … Continue reading

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Rain, rain, rain

Does anyone remember that bright round thing that used to hang in the sky? Did someone forget to pay the bill or something? Please bring the bright round thing back. I’ll be good. I promise.

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