Alpine road trip, day 9

Lienz, rest day

Distance traveled this day: 0km

On the road

On the road

In the morning it was trying it’s best to rain, the sky was dark and ominous, and ahead of us lay the Grossglockner which I definitely didn’t want to cross in the rain. The Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse was to be one of the highlights of the trip: I came this far east to ride it, and I hadn’t ridden it before. We decided to take a day off and hide from the rain, hoping for a break the next day. It wasn’t too hard a decision as Lienz is so pretty. The hotel didn’t have wireless access and Marylyn was hoping for a chat with her friends. Breakfast was good rather than excellent. After filling ourselves we went looking for a guest house, the town being full of quaint old places, but came up blank. All full.

In the end we found a new hotel closer to the downtown area, and moved all our gear over there. The view from the balcony was amazing, and since Marylyn places balconies and views very high on the list of priorities for hotel features, she was very pleased. In any case it was a nice day for chilling out, just warm enough to sit outside, and it got a little warmer as the day went on. I got a haircut as my usual stubble had grown into something you could see had had no care for some time.

As the afternoon went on the sun finally did it’s thing, which I took as a good omen for the next day. We had a few meals and drinks outside, all very good, and got good service everywhere we went. We were both very surprised at how few tourists there were, and the hotel staff admitted they prefer it this way, compared to what’s happened to Innsbruck.

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