Alpine road trip, day 10

Lienz to Innsbruck

Grossglockner > Kaprun > Gerloss > Schwaz > Innsbruck

Distance traveled this day: 239km

Pasterze glacier

Pasterze glacier

We got a fairly early start and headed off toward the Grossglockner. The front had moved on but the weather still wasn’t perfect but it looked like we’d stay dry. We rode into the clouds at 1,800m or so and it was a bit patchy all the way up to the Pasterze glacier station (2369m). I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many motorcycles in one place. Luck was with us and the clouds did part long enough for us to goggle at all that ice. The window didn’t last long enough though, and once the clouds gathered in again it was back to gawking at Ducatis in the cold. We headed back down to the crossroads and up to the pass itself at 2503m, which is a tunnel.
We stopped for lunch at a quiet little restaurant on the way down with a view of three small glaciers. How many places can you do that?

The ride past Kaprun was fast with a guy on a Triumph Tiger encouraging us. He had local plates and I hope he knows where all the speed traps are. The Gerloss was a lot less dramatic than the Grossglockner, but on the other hand the road is faster and there’s a lot less traffic. Different kind of fun. Down in the valley there’s all kinds of traffic and cameras so it was a case of rolling along and enjoying the sun and the views. The latter don’t improve as you get to Innsbruck however.
In town we were pretty disappointed with our hotel. We took a quick stroll to see the downtown area before it got dark. With that done it was back to reality, laundry time. We stuffed our mountain of dirty clothes into the washing machines and went for a coffee while they went around and around in there.
Dinner was unremarkable except for the noise all the Italian tourists were making. We thought we’d stumbled into town for a shouting competition. We had a nice quiet drink or three after dinner in a little bar the Italian tourists hadn’t found yet. Innsbruck stays up pretty late, and after ten days in small towns we weren’t used to it.

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