Alpine road trip, day 11

Innsbruck to Vaduz

Innsbruck > Silvretta > Vaduz

Distance traveled this day: 201km

01-map-8-22Breakfast was so-so. The Swiss are winning the breakfast competition hands down. We did a little shopping for life’s necessities like body lotion and face cream. Well, I’m told these things are necessary…
With the help of Tom Tom we quickly made our way out of Innsbruck and towards Oetz. Much less traffic now, we could pick up the pace. The Austrians are polite drivers, like the Swiss. Cars pull over to the right to let you pass. We were soon far from Innsbruck. I was a little surprised to be paying yet another toll fee to ride the Silvretta, but the surface was good. We had lunch at the lake on top (2032m). I wished we were coming the other way as the east ramp is way steeper than the west, and my wrists were pretty sore when we got down. At Bludenz we took the decision to stay the night in Vaduz as our friend Matthias was going to be delayed arriving in Flumserberg. Marylyn was pretty exited about spending a night in Liechtenstein and bringing the number of countries on this trip to five. The rest of the trip into Vaduz is pretty unremarkable except for seeing Swiss officials at the border. Vaduz itself looks like any small town in Switzerland until you see how many Ferraris and Lamborghinis are being driven around, or step into the heart of the downtown area. That’s a one street pedestrian area with some very impressive museums and galleries, some high tech stuff to remind you this is a finance hub and not a farming town.
We went looking for rooms in the old guest houses for a more traditional experience but came up with nothing. Finally we found a room downtown which was very modern. The room was great but the dinner wasn’t so memorable unfortunately. We were both pretty tired and went to bed early.

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