Alpine road trip, day 12

Vaduz to Flumserberg

Vaduz > Balzers > Flums > Flumserberg


Route map 8/23/08

Route map 8/23/08

Breakfast in the hotel was excellent, so the connection with Switzerland was apparent there. For once I was actually sorry I hadn’t eaten dinner in the hotel. We took our time with breakfast and packing up our gear since we weren’t going far and Liechtenstein is so full of speed cameras you’d think that half the GDP came from those one-legged spoilsports. Similarly, we’d walked the whole town the evening before so we didn’t do it again. Not that walking the length of Vaduz would take more than twenty minutes anyway.

We took our sweet time cruising the length of the country, then past Sargans and Flums. I did go a bit nuts up the mountain to Flumserberg but I know that road almost as well as any in my usual stomping grounds. We were sitting at Matthias’ family vacation home within an hour, enjoying a coffee and other Swiss produce on his balcony.

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