New Advance flight suit

Advance '09 flight suit

Advance '09 flight suit

Advance has a new flight suit for 2009 and it’s not just the colors which are different this year. The designers have revised and revamped several areas of the suit to create a garment even more comfortable and practical than ever.

Advance have adopted the idea of Body Mapping™, a trendy phrase for sports clothing that works. The idea is that textiles are specifically developed for the different requirements in various areas. The results are materials which adjust themselves according to temperature (eg. Thermore), or combinations of sophisticated material mixes. Advance first introduced this principle with the Thermore Jacket, and now use it in the various fabrics to meet the widely differing demands of a flight suit.
Compared with the previous offering additional insulation is used at the extreme exposed places such as knees, wrists and neck. Freedom of movement and ventilation at the back has been specially considered.
The new model uses a new softshell material for the back, where improved elasticity and breathability further improves the freedom of movement and wearing comfort.
The new Flying Suit has three differently insulated warmth zones. The knees, the main problem when flying without a speed bag, have additional insulatation with a breathable warm lining. The back, where breathability and movement are most important, is made of an elasticated soft shell fabric without insulation, thereby maximizing breathability. The remaining parts of the suit consist of the familiar, windproof, breathable and water-resistant Supplex material. A light insulating layer keeps a comfortable environment in these areas. This layer is fleeced where worn next to the body and smooth in the sleeves to make it easy to put on.

There are also new jackets and other garments in the line-up this year, which you can browse here.

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