Bobby needs a glider

Bobby posted this as a comment, but it deserves a post of it’s own.

Greetings All! Not sure where to post this question on this site, but am looking to buy a good used wing here in Taiwan. Preferably DHV 1-2 for 80kg- 100kg pilot. Don’t have much to spend but am trying to get back into the sport here in Taiwan.

I am a P3 rated and a commercial tandem instructor for hanggliding as well. I also fly with a motor at times so the wing would ideally be able to use for both free flight as well as motorized flight.

Would really appreciate any help on locating a wing here and helping me get back to cloudbase. Been grounded way too long!

If anyone has a glider for sale they can reply in the comments. Bobby, welcome back. I can think of at least one person who would love to have you as a mentor with tandem HG flying.
I will check my sources in Europe to see if we can find you a good used glider.

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2 Responses to Bobby needs a glider

  1. Bobby says:

    Thank You Les for your “welcome back” and all your help. I found two wings from my old contacts in the US and they will be shipping them over and i got an old harness from tandem pilot Peter up in Greenbay.

    Again just want to say thanks for you kindness and hope to see you around in the same thermal one day. I’ll be the one probably below ya scratchin….. (damn rusty… been too long)

  2. Les says:

    Hi Bobby, that’s great that you found some wings. Hope to see you out on the hill soon. I’m also pretty rusty, haven’t flown since Manilla, so no guarantees about being the highest! 😉

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