Sad news regarding Tarzan

Team Advance at goal

Team Advance at goal

Last weekend our friend Tarzan was riding in a cycle race when he collapsed from heat stroke. I just found out that after five days in ICU he passed away without regaining consciousness.
I think anyone who met him would remember him as a friendly, down-to-earth, no-nonsense guy… and a damn good pilot. It’s really sad to hear that he’s gone and we won’t be sharing any more thermals.
I met Tarzan when he was I think in his second year on wings and his wife Paigu was pretty much a beginner. The two them grew into great pilots and once they switched to Advance gliders they were always easy to spot as the two on Omegas in the same color. After a couple of years on Omegas, Tarzan became my best ambassador for Advance in Taiwan, always in the comp scene and always flying epic cross-country.
It was only later I learned that Tarzan had been a keen bike racer before taking up flying, and a couple of years ago he got back into riding. He rapidly dropped to a much healthier weight and to be honest I was quite jealous of his trim new figure. It’s a terrible shame to lose him at this young age and it will be a terrible burden on Paigu. Marylyn and I offer our deepest sympathy to Paigu and her children. What a terrible loss in one day… husband, flying buddy, father and friend.
I will always remember the flights we shared together… the photo above is us at Bulao hotsprings after another epic XC day.
There will be a funeral on July 26th. I will post information on where that will be when I have it.

Sad, sad day.

UPDATE: The funeral will be held at Tarzan’s family home on July 26th, 10am. All friends are welcome to attend. I’m not going to post his address here in public out of respect for the family’s privacy, but anyone who wants to go can email or call, or leave a message here.

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  1. Douglas says:

    Oh, I logged to web see news on the Koashiung destruction. Oh man, I did not expect this? Sad news. He was one of the few no-non sense pilots. Really enjoyed flying with you. We will miss Tarzan.


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