Typhoon Morakot

Typhoon Morakot has departed, but the mess is now just becoming apparent. As much as two thirds of Pingtung County was under water at the height of the flooding. An incredible 2900mm fell on one area in Chiayi in just 72 hours, more than many countries get in an entire year. Our favorite playground of the Sandimen to Liukuei area was hit hard, many bridges are down and the river flooded much of the valley. Expect mud everywhere down there and for that nasty fine dust to be covering everything this winter.
I don’t have too much to add to the story as we weren’t directly affected here in Taichung. Some links to more information and photos:

Four hundred people are missing in Pingtung after their village was buried in a mudslide.
Excellent photojournal of the typhoon and associated flooding.
The DPP is organizing the distribution of donated relief supplies and volunteer efforts to clear up the mess in the hardest hit areas.
Our own Jaco Herbst made a short video on the damage around his home near Kaohsiung.

Hopefully all our friends made it through okay. Take care of yourselves and it goes without saying to be careful where you park your car for the next few months. The thieves are going to be busy collecting parts to repair all those water-soaked vehicles.

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