I love a guy who is honest enough to advise you not to buy a product that he sells. Don at is such a man. In my last ride, the old red wagon, I had used damping mat on the floor, the doors, the trunk… everywhere I could get to. I damped the insides of the door panels and the outsides, right to the edges. Damping mat is expensive, heavy, and a pain in the ass to install. The conventional wisdom was to mat everything in or out of sight, to load every square inch of panel inside and out to reduce vibrations and therefore noise. All in the search for sonic nirvana.
Now, years later, working on my WRX, I came across Don’s site. He tells me that you only need to put a patch of mat on the middle 25% of any panel in order to damp vibration. He has the science to prove this theory. Amazing stuff. He’s right. All that money wasted on mat when it could have been used on other things. All that extra weight in the car for nothing.
Crazy thing is, Don sells mat. No wonder he is so unpopular with other mat vendors that he’s banned from their forums, and they ban people for even talking about Don. Small minds & self-interest…

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