Bali 2009

So a trip to Bali is becoming an annual event now. This year we had a few more participants from Switzerland joining the fun, from trip partner Robair paragliding school in the Walensee area, Nick Schudel and Urs Schweingruber. I knew Urs from the Morocco trip in 2007 and Nick is the father of Robair instructor Jacqui.
Matthias arrived a day before the rest of us to sort out a vehicle while Marylyn and I stopped over in Singapore to catch up with some friends there and do some shopping. No Kijangs available, we made do with a Suzuki minivan. I wouldn’t bank on it surviving very long in our hands, though it lasted ten days with me at the wheel.

This year we stayed at the Ayodya in Nusa Dua which was an improvement over last year, though at the same price. Weather was excellent the first day and all of us made it out to Uluwatu, landing just around sunset. In ten days we had two which were unflyable and the rest were all good to excellent. We had a couple of magical flights including one at the crack of dawn and another that ended in moonlight.
I think I set a personal best for the number of flights to Uluwatu in one trip, and another for making it to both Uluwatu and the Nikko Bali hotel in one flight. We probably set some group records for consumption of seafood, suckling pig and beer while we were at it.

All in all a memorable trip and great company.

Photos in the gallery come from the cameras of all involved.

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3 Responses to Bali 2009

  1. Felix says:

    Hi there,

    This is Felix from Hong Kong. Just wanna drop by to say hi. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun in Bali. My friend and I just got our FAI PL1 license in June in Bali. We were training at Bali Cliff. Anyway, we are thinking about coming over to Taiwan for paragliding in Nov. Just wonder if you could recommend a site for student pilots like us. After reading the site reviews here, seems like the only one suitable for us would be Keelung? Also, we don’t have our own gear so we need to rent. Would it be easy to find a rental shop? with good condition gears for rent?

    Anyway, just wanna say the info on this web has been quite helpful. Let’s see if we could paraglide in TW next month.


  2. Les says:

    Hello Felix,

    Have you been in touch with your own Hong Kong Paragliding Association? A good bunch of guys who will help you with everything.

    Keelung (Green Bay) is a better site for beginners but you’ll find very few flyable days at this time of year. Fall is here and the season there is over. There will be a few days in fall / winter which are flyable but they will be few and far between. Fall is the season for Puli… very unsuitable for new pilots. Winter it is Saichia. Better for new pilots, but you need to be cautious about flying in the midday hours if the sun is out.

    As to rentals, there are one or two guys up in Keelung who will rent out gliders, though I don’t know how new or airworthy they will be. In Puli or Saichia, no rentals that I know of. Equipment rental is a pretty rare thing in this hobby, for several good reasons. If you have done your basic training and wish to continue flying, it’s time to get your own gear.

  3. Felix says:

    Hi Les,
    Thanks for the info. I guess Saichia would be the place to go this time of the year then.

    So how about Hualian and Ilan? are these sites good for beginners? We do plan to get our own gears but there might not be enough time for us to get everything before the trip. I haven’t done much research on what to get etc.

    Thanks again for the tips.

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