Japanese era airbase in Ilan

Interesting post about this Japanese WWII airbase in Ilan, used at the end of the war for kamikaze missions against Allied naval targets. Worth a read.

While the north airfield was reserved almost exclusively for aircraft parking, the south airfield was used extensively during the war as a launch point for Kamikaze pilots attacking allied fleets and it proved to be a sound target for allied aircraft. The airfield was bombed extensively during the war.
Scattered around the airfield perimeter are hardened aircraft shelters designed to be camouflaged with grass and trees. These were difficult to spot from the air. They still do a great job of blending in to the landscape as it took me a long time to find just a couple.
There were 14 of these shelters in all, and many of them survive. At least 4 are on the live side of the base.

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