Rumors confirmed; Bruce comes to Advance

Bruce Goldsmith is joining the Advance R&D team after 10 years at Airwave.

The 2007 World Paraglider Champion will be reinforcing the Advance team of Chief designer Thomas Ripplinger and Advance test pilots Kari Eisenhut (former European Champion and World Cup Winner), Chrigel Maurer (multiple World Cup and X-Alps winner), World Champion Andy Aebi and European Champion Greg Blondeau with work on the development of serial and competition wings.
Bruce Goldsmith ranks as a true founding father of the paraglider business. The 49-year-old Briton, originally a civil engineer, became the paraglider face of Airwave as well as a founder member of Ozone. For the last ten years he has again been working as the Airwave designer. Bruce will continue to live with his wife and three children in the south of France.

While some of the Airwave designs in the last ten years have not really approached the level of innovation as earlier models like the XMX or XXX, Bruce is one of the early pioneers in glider design as well as an incredible competition pilot, so he brings with him a vast reserve of experience.

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