New pilot alert

Jez Tombs

Jez Tombs

New to paragliding, though an old hand in Taiwan is Jez Tombs. Jez just got back from New Zealand with a fresh novice license and shiny new glider, so look out for him on the hill. I took him down to Saichia last week for an introductory flight and am glad to say he not only survived the experience but even wants to do it again.
Weather pre-duststorm was quite blustery and the base wind quite strong. Jaco stole his buddy Peter’s glider for the day in a maneuver so smooth I think he’d been practicing it. In that much wind and with an oversized glider, not even Jaco could sink out. Those of us without bones stood by until 5pm when the wind dropped to a perfect 20km and an hour of glassy smooth soaring was to be had.
Jez went off first for his first taste of Taiwan’s humid air and interesting traffic patterns. I landed at 6pm for a well-earned beer. Jez lives in Taipei but will be trying to get some hours in before the season starts at Green Bay.

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  1. Richard says:

    Hello All,

    Are there any sites where paramotoring is allowed here……The Military here!!!

    I live in the south,Ping Tong to be exact.

    Thanks in advance.

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