Used gear for sale

Lukas from the Czech Republic is leaving Taiwan and would like to sell the following gear:

I have the harness CARPOFLY MYSTIC2 in good shape and rescue skyspare system, newone never used.
glider: Gradient GOLDEN2/ORBIT2 category: DHV 1-2
1 year old, flying time about 30hours, no tear, no rip, like new, viz foto.

Lukas can be reached on 0928 097545.

The Golden is a nice glider, safe but responsive. I haven’t seen it but it’s probably worth a look if you are looking for a used entry-level glider.

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2 Responses to Used gear for sale

  1. Lukas says:

    Additional information about my gear:

    Glider Golden2 26 orange-grey (1 year old):
    Flat Area [m2] 26.56
    Aspect ratio 5.35
    Number of cells 50
    Weight of the glider [kg] 5.4
    Take-off weight range [kg] 80 – 100
    DHV Certification 1-2
    Basic speed km/h 37
    Max. speed km/h 50+
    Min. sink rate m/s 1.1
    Gliding ratio 8+

    Repair kit: spare lines, carabiner rubber bands,
    SKYTEX stickers

    Reserve deployment (new – never used):
    Skyspare system Rescue 32
    2.2 kg, max. flight weight 95 kg (weight of pilot + harness)

    Harness(1 year old): Carpofly Mystic 2
    20cm back protector
    rescue container under the seat

  2. Paolo Faresi says:

    Hi Lukas,
    is your paraglider still for sale? What’s the price? I live in Japan so I’d have to add mailing costs, but I’m interested… Let me know!

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