Sigma6 for sale

My beloved Sigma6/28 is for sale. This awesome XC glider which already knows the way to many places. The first flight took me to Liukuei and since then there have been many great memories like flying over Swiss lakes, Spanish valleys and a 140km personal best flight in Australia.
The glider still looks and flies like new, was fitted with brand new lines just a few flight hours ago and has no rips or holes or patches. Risers are upgraded to the Omega6 items for more top speed and lighter speed system.
Included original spares (repair tapes etc.), manual, original Sigma6 risers, glider bag and packing strap.

Make me an offer if interested.

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2 Responses to Sigma6 for sale

  1. Gurpreet Mankoo says:


    What’s your offer price? Can you ship it to Mumbai, India?


  2. Les says:

    Replied by email!

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