Tandems collide in Green Bay

Two tandem gliders collided at Green Bay over the weekend, though luckily no-one was injured. The sky over this site in Feitsuiwan has been very busy this summer with thousands of onlookers willing to take a ride on a tandem paraglider.

There is video shot by one of the pilots on this news site, showing the collision and the resulting fall into a stand of bamboo. The ridge on which the site sits is covered in lush vegetation, which saves many who crash there from more serious injury.

Green Bay is the base for dozens of tandem operators and has seen many accidents involving paying passengers. In 2004 there was a similar incident in which a solo and a tandem glider collided resulting in the injury of the passenger and one of the pilots. Taiwan still has no formal system by which tandem pilots are trained or their skills examined.

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  1. Phil de Fontenay says:

    Hey Les,

    Yeah no excuse for mid-air collisions. They definitely
    need more control before gliding gets banned completely.

    I am just about to learn Paragliding and have decided
    to travel to a school in the US.

    Happy to have found your site 🙂


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