landing out

I know it’s late writing this post…so what. The next weekend is almost on our doorstep.

Les and I myself landed out in Liou Gwei (12/24) after battling it out with mother nature’s gravitational(?) machine for almost 3 hours…
This was to date my longest flight to 6 Turtles and I was really exhausted. I asked myself wheter I could ever make it back(to Sai Chia) and thought- no ways. Unless I can get to Liou Gwei in under an hour. Still early in the season though.
Let me get back to my story first. So there we were..2 pilots, 1 hang glider, 1 paraglider. It 15h30 and we get a ride back in a truck. I leave my hang glider in the river, only to be picked up later. Little did I know that it will be dark when we get back.
Of course I’d offered Les a bed for the night and was therefor not alone in this little adventure.
Long story short. We got to my glider only at 19hoo after some 4 x4 -ing. We (and Les believe it or not) had to carry it for almost a 1km.
Got it on the car and headed home. Arrived in Kaohsiung at 20h30.

Long flight, long day, long beer.

Thanks Les, I don’t know what I would have done without you. I learned my lesson though. Scout out the landing area better next time.

Weather is looking so-so this coming weekend and hopefully I can do it all again.

Cheers and thank you for listening…I feel better now.


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