Looking back at 2005

One of the things I like to do is look back over my year of flying and look at how the figures tally up against previous years and the targets I’d set for myself. The raw statistics show I made 55 flights, a little better than the 52 I made in 2004 but still a far cry from the 111 in 2001. My longest (duration) flight was 2h21m which is the best since 2000 (2h23m) and 4h45m in 1999. My average flight duration was 73.7 minutes which is the highest since I started flying. Total airtime was 67h31m and that’s the most since 2001, a full 10 hours better than 2004. I made a 45km XC flight which is the best I’ve done since 1999, and my total XC distance was 410km which I only surpassed in 2002 (460km).
At the end of this year I have made a total of 548 flights and logged 472 hours in the air.

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