The Race

The Ridgeman (aka the gilpen) is back.

Rory succesfully flew from Sai Chia to Liu Gwei on 3 consecutive weekends before he left for Canada over Christmas. Well done, Rory. His record was however shortlived. Meet Mr. Consistency. Les Sharp did not just stand there with his arms folded and thought he should do something about this. He has to date (as I’m writing) flown to LG 4 consecutive times (and counting).
In fact I think it is 5 trips in 6 weekends. Truly a remarkable feat. Right up there with Will Gadd’s world record of 3oo odd miles.

This coming weekend’s weather looks a bit iffy. Come wind, strong lift or little sink, I’ll be there on Saturday.


Be there or………somewhere else

Jaco Herbst (my friends call me “pilot”)

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One Response to The Race

  1. les says:

    Jaco, it was four times in five weekends, so I think I’m only even with Rory Gadd. As you remember from December 24th, the north wind was pretty damn strong making it a slow trip up to Liuguei. Each time I got to Tajin or maybe the house, the valley wind would start up. The perpetual headwind effect, fight all the way, turn around and fight your way back. Also, it’s been OD’ing at 2:30 or 3:00pm making things even harder.
    I’m going to have to start launching earlier if I’m going to make it to goal and back again. Rory has a better chance than I do since he’s much more willing to risk launching when conditions are still marginal. I just hate bombing out!

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