Wanli site closed

Site closedAKA Feitsuiwan and Green Bay, this long-established site has been blockaded by the land owner. This site was founded by a group of ex-ROCAF pilots who had traveled to Europe to learn the then-new sport of hang-gliding. They were lucky enough to have a spot of land on a hill near Wanli and even had British pilots come scope it out for a suitable flying site. Since then of course hang-gliding has almost disappeared and paragliding (which is much easier and faster to learn) has become much more popular. This has been followed with a spike in the number of tandem operators, many of which have poor safety records and use very inexperienced pilots to run. Has ‘The Colonel’ finally had enough of the cowboy tandem operators up there and closed them down? People forget the launch site is on private property, and the owner is the one taken to task every time there’s an accident (which is often) or when pilots overfly the Patriot battery right behind it.

News video here (in Mandarin)

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