Pilot death at Saichia

A 47 year old visiting Japanese pilot has died after an accident at Saichia according to Apple News. He’d traveled to Taiwan from Hokkaido in a group of eight. The article says he fell from 20m above the LZ in a spiral that may have resulted from a glider malfunction, namely broken lines. He was observed to have sustained leg fractures but unfortunately had died before the ambulance had reached the scene.

Hsu Pei-Hsiang, the Deputy Director of Pingtung Education Department said the area is under an ordinance forbidding autonomous un-powered flight but that since the site is on private land they have not been able to enforce this. Permission to use the LZ as such has been requested but is still in review and noted that while the site was in legal limbo it is impossible to supervise or control flight training or operations there. The case will be reviewed by the police and county government.

My condolences to the pilot’s family and friends. Very sad.


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