Club R departs

Yes, both Reggie and Rory are leaving us for the New World.

Rory (Ridgeman) Gilpin has done enough hard years in asia and finally earned the priviledge of working in the first world. After 14 years out here he landed a job in his native Canada so he’s off to do whatever it is he does over there. Personally I had no idea there were so many mobsters in Vancouver that needed to be cast into concrete pillars…. but what do I know.

Meanwhile Reggie Trefts is sneaking off to explore the wilds of the Bolivian Andes on his trusty Effect. It may be that he’s hit on a new method of smuggling El Producto into his native USA, but that’s a matter for him and the DEA to mince words over I suppose.

I wish these two desperate characters lots of fun flying in their new homes and that all their landings work out as intended. Cheers guys, and remember to write us once in a while!

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