248km on serial Omega7



Advance writes:

Chrigel Maurer flies with a serial ADVANCE OMEGA 7 a triangle of 248 km and is really satisfied about our new high performance glider !

Chrigel Maurer is doing testing work on the Omega7. He took off from the Niesen, flew to the Pic Chaussy in the French part of Switzerland and then to the Pilatus close to Lucerne. After this turn point he flew above the Swiss Pre-Alps via Sörenberg to Engelberg. There he turned again. Above Axalp close to Brienz, he had to fight to regain altitude as the clouds had weakened the lift. Finally he was able to gain the needed altitude to fly back, passing Interlaken and landing after the goal. On his flight, Chrigel was testing the very last prototype of the Omega7/28. Advance is calling this the final version. Th glider will go through DHV testing in sizes 26 and 28 soon. “I was excited about the performance, the stability and the direct and smooth handling of the wing. On a flight of 10.5 hours these are very welcome facts” said Chrigel after his landing, happy but tired after a long working day.

Gee, what a lousy job he has… I feel sorry for him.

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