Maurer wins his second World Cup

Chrigel Maurer notched up a great achievement on La Réunion and became the first pilot in the history of paragliding to win the overall World Cup twice in succession. Karin Appenzeller won the ladies final classification.
Chrigel managed to keep the competition at bay and was able to control events from the leading group at all times. Because of this consistency, he won a third PWC this season in La Réunion to add to his wins in Brazil and Slovenia, and, for the second time in succession, the overall World Cup, an achievement that no other pilot has ever managed before. On top of this, Chrigel flew the same glider in the last two years in every PWC. Despite Chrigel’s tender age, he already ranks among the most successful athletes in this sport, which was once again emphasised this season with a second place in the European Championships in France and a second place in the team ranking at the Aerobatic World Championships (synchro) in Switzerland. Karin Appenzeller, on the other hand, was less fortunate on La Réunion and had to relinquish the lead in the overall World Cup after the second task. Then, in a breathtaking final, Karin was able to regain first place in the final score. Ewa Wisnierska, last year’s winner, was forced to give up the defence of her title without a fight, due to an injury earlier in the season.

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