Saichia fees are back, higher than ever

The latest story from Assassin is that the launch owner, Maoguan and the Pingtung county government have reached agreement to let the pilots continue to use the site, on the condition that they have accident insurance. I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence that he just happens to have that exact policy for sale on the launch (for NT$150), and has in fact provided this for his tandem passengers for quite some time now. Now, when I heard this I thought it must be third-party liability insurance they wanted, but no. Assassin claims that they have requested we all have personal accident insurance to the tune of NT$3m. How this is supposed to cover any of the three parties is quite beyond me, since this kind of travel insurance policy is made out to the insured’s own choice of beneficiary, usually his next of kin.

Well, obviously there was a lot of discontent about this on Saturday and we have seen before that the majority of pilots are not willing to pay even NT$1 for site use. With the season finally here one has to wonder about what the relative positions of the government and Maoguan really are…

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4 Responses to Saichia fees are back, higher than ever

  1. Chris says:

    I just called to Union Insurence company. The policy only needs NT85.

  2. les says:

    I got quotes from Nanshan yesterday. IIRC that is the company Assassin is representing. They quoted NT$86 for NT$3m for loss of life, NT$144 for life or serious injury and NT$108 for a generic accident policy.
    Did you take note of the actual details of the cover we bought? I didn’t bother.

  3. Chris says:

    actually he did fax and the policy were real.we can get 2M for life lost and 30k for medical expense. The point is that he is not honest for the insurence fee. I just mailed to Maoguan to ask. I am waiting for reply. we will see if the permission from Maoguan is real or not soon!

  4. les says:

    So Chris, did you get any answer from Maoguan? Jaco and I both have personal accident insurance which specifically mentions paragliding in the policy. I don’t see any good reason to buy more insurance from Assassin…

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