Big Guy refused entry to Shanghai’s best eatery



Matthias Hodel, AKA “Teh Big Guy” being refused entry to Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore Italian restaurant in Shanghai’s Hengshan Rd. Citing his previous misbehaviour and the rights of his customers to enjoy a quiet dining experience, the head chef (pictured in rear) barred Mr. Hodel from entering the establishment and had even created a sign to emphasize the point.

Mr. Hodel declined to comment directly, but was heard muttering complaints like “Why does it always happen to me?” and, “It’s not fair!” throughout the evening.

The head chef offered the opinion that Mr. Hodel had be warned on many previous occasions that his behaviour was unacceptably loud, his stories long and pointless, and that the fact that he left his entire monthly salary in the restaurant didn’t give him any special license at all.

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3 Responses to Big Guy refused entry to Shanghai’s best eatery

  1. Douglas says:

    Les, Ah Fun and I flew pass LK, about 50k. At the Hot Spring, I found a thermal that broke the inversion to 1800m.

    Jan 28. We are staying an extra day, will go home Tuesday Morning.

    Safe landings.

  2. Jaco says:

    Well done, Doug.

    Since I had an important “business” date at 16h00 there was no way I was gonna head south 😉 The weather did get better (turning completely blue…and cold” and I just stayed at home looking down on the others and doing some policing. You know how these paragliders can step so easily out of line.
    More excuses for not following your example…hmmm let me think. Ahhh…I got scared over the towers at 1480m what I guess must have been the inversion. The dog’s hat (different color)Screaming up at almost 6m my “LP – using Rory’s words) proved to be too small to fight it out. Methink the trip to the Owens Valley in June might be too big a bite of the apple.

    Again Doug…great flight…Karma to you.

    Yours fearfully


    PS…Les…can we talk about the picture of mine in the contact list. Nothing actually to talk about. Just get rid of it. And yes…this is a thread. or else…think lad…think…

  3. Jaco says:

    threat not thread, right?

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