Taiwan’s Climate

Taiwan has a basic three season climate common in the subtropics. The island also has quite different weather from coast to coast and north-south as the high mountains separate the two coasts, and the north and south have quite different ocean currents affecting them.

North and Northeast Taiwan:
Winter arrives sometime around the end of October and brings cool and often wet weather. Prevailing winds are northerly and quite strong as consecutive cold waves arrive from China.
Summer weather begins sometime around May and brings higher temperatures, but there is still quite a lot of rain. Base wind is often southerly but that is good for setting up sea breezes at northern sites like Keelung. Good flying days happen, but don’t expect them every weekend until late June or July. The north is not as prone to typhoons as elsewhere.

East Coast:
The prevailing northerlies that arrive around November rule out any paragliding during most of the winter. Summer weather starts up around May or so and the prevailing wind shifts to the south to help push paragliders up the Huadong valley. Rain showers are frequent but are often short. There can be typhoons from February right through December, though July and August will have the most warnings posted.

Central and South Taiwan:
The wet season arrives around May and the mountains will have frequent, if not daily, showers all summer. Summer doesn’t really get any hotter, but humidity climbs steadily until summer breaks, making it very sticky and unpleasant. Thunderstorms are basically a daily event until late September or even later. Summer does not now break until late November. Winter brings low humidity, warm days and cool nights, and high cloudbases. Prevailing winds are usually northerly, but being quite light they are easily overwhelmed by local micrometerology. Typhoons can bring torrential rain at any time and strike in almost any month, most of them arriving in July or August.

WX Stations

WX Stations

rcly rckw rcfs rcmj rckh rcqs rcfn rcdc rcsq rcay rcnn rcku rcyu rcms rclg rcpc rcpc rctp rcgm rcss

WXWEB 180hr graphical forecasts

External site creates a graphical plot forecast for the coming 180 hours from station data. Plots and data include temperature trace, wind speed, wind direction precipitation, surface pressure, 500mb height and thickness data, 850mb wind. See hour by hour how the day will change.

Links will open in a new window. Note that the plot from RCSQ and RCDC Pingtung will not predict the afternoon valley breeze often felt at Saichia.

Plots available from the following stations:

RCFS Chia Tung
RCTP Taoyuan Int’l Airport
RCKU Chiayi
RCQS Chih hang AFB
RCBS Kinmen
RCMJ Tunggang
RCNO Tungshi
RCFN Fengnin
RCKW Hungchun
RCPO Hsinchu
RCYU Hualien AFB
RCAY Kangshan AFB
RCKH Kaohsiung Int’l Airport
RCLY Lanyu
RCQC Makung
RCFG Matsu
RCUK Bakuai

RCSQ Pingtung N AFB
RCDC Pingtung S AFB

RCSS Taipei Sungshan
RCLG Taichung
RCNN Tainan
RCGM Taoyuan
RCMQ Wuchia

Taiwan CWB Forecasting

CNN Weather Forecasting

Pingtung (Saichia) | Taitung (Lu Yeh) | Keelung (Green Bay) | Hualien | Taichung

Intellicast Weather Forecasting

Pingtung (Saichia) | Ilan | Hualien

Japan Weather Forecasting

Synoptic analysis of East Asia from JWA

Typhoon Warning

Tropical storm risk from TSR

US Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center

Other Services

NOAA ARL forecasts and models
Generate a skew-T plot(lapse rate chart) from station reports throughout SE Asia, courtesy of UWYO

IGES AVN East Asia analysis
Forecast: | 24hr | 48hr | 72hr | 96hr | 120hr | 144hr


Velocity calculator

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Weather Tutorials and General Information

Weather to Fly offers help on where to find weather forecasts

Virtual Skies has extensive tutorials on a great range of topics, helping you understand how weather works

Roger Brugge offers a long list of links to sources of weather data for Asia

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East Asia Satellite Image

East Asia Satellite Image

East Asia Satellite Image